The history of owners of the chateau

About the most important owners

Originally renaissance chateau was built in the 16th century for Oldřich Krajíř z Krajku, last member of house of Krajíř. There were several owners after Oldřich's death (in 1600).

The Barons of Dalberg

One of the most important owners of the chateau were the Barons of Dalberg, the noble family from the castle (now a ruin) Dalburg in Germany. Thanks to them the chateau you can find for example mineralogical or butterfly collection and also and mainly the large book collection (24000 pieces in two libraries). Also thanks to the house of Dalberg, the chateau park was remade to its present style of an English nature landscape park.

Unfortunately the Barons of Dalbergs died out in 1940. The chateau was inherited by closest relatives of Dalberg family, the Princes of Salm-Salm. Sadly they owned the chateau only five years. In 1945 the chateau was confiscated by Czechoslovak state. In 1949 chateau was open to public.